Archives: Testimonials

Alyssa O.

WOW! What an awesome workout! I checked out RSD Boxing and it exceeded all my expectations. Can’t beat it for the price!

Jacob M.

Greatest place to learn boxing. Terry the trainer is incredible. He makes the entire learning experience so simple and they are completely affordable. I’m thankful for the confidence these classes have given me thanks RSD Boxing !!!

Shari C.

The location is great! Right off the 94 freeway and has plenty of parking.

Bianca A.

I hated going to the gym because I always felt like I never got a good enough workout. That all changed once I came to RSD. I highly recommend this gym to any person looking to break a sweat in a positive atmosphere!

Calvin Z.

Been coming to this gym since they opened back in 2015 and I have not been let down since. The place has not lacked cleanliness or quality since they first opened those doors and that’s what keeps me coming back.

Reem A.

RSD has become my second home and I appreciate all the trainers (especially Terry) who put in so much effort to make the workouts fun and exciting. Boxing has definitely changed my life and I have felt so much better about myself ever since joining.

Zahra M.

Terry, one is the trainers, is amazing. He’s approachable, has killer work outs, and if you’re lucky he’ll even bust some dance moves. Guy has mad dance skills. But seriously, the membership dues  are reasonable, the members are amazing and welcoming, and the classes are fun and challenging.

Richard M.

I’m hooked; I’m committed, I’m coming back again and again, and I love who and what I’ve become.  I am so much more confident and ecstatic about who and what I am!!! 

Candace N.

Our Strength and Conditioning classes are designed for you to take your strength and endurance to the next level. Burn up to 1000 calories per hour with a variety of intense group intervals including free weight, calisthenic, and cardiovascular exercises.

Alex A.

RSD is the best boxing gym and Terry is the best boxing instructor, hands down! I’ve been training at RSD for over three years and I love it.